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With years of experience in presenting fabulous author talks, inspirational and practical workshops for children, teenagers, and adults, and a wide understanding of the contemporary book industry, award-winning author and acclaimed small publisher Sophie Masson AM offers a range of versatile and lively presentations to suit many interests, ages and situations.

On this site you’ll find pages with descriptions of the many kinds of presentations Sophie offers schools, libraries, writers’ centres, festivals and conferences. These include author talks, writing workshops, and publishing talks and workshops. Many of these presentations are suitable not only for presentation in person, but also online, live, by Zoom, Skype, etc. Some will also be available pre-recorded. Presentations can also be tailored to suit particular needs or requirements.

There is also a page of free online creative activities created by Sophie available on this website, which can also be linked to presentations.

To help with planning of schedules, there’s a calendar of events at which Sophie is already booked to appear.

Enquiries can be made by using the form on the Contact andĀ  Enquiry page, or by emailing info@sophiemassonpresents.com

Bookings can be made directly via the Contact and Enquiry form or by emailing bookings@sophiemassonpresents.comĀ  Or you can also choose different booking options through the speaker agencies Sophie is registered with, see the Booking Options page for information.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Booking site for talks and workshops presented by award-winning author and publisher Sophie Masson