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On this page, you’ll find some fabulous free creative activities and exercises I’ve created in collaboration with the wonderful illustrator Kathy Creamer. They are lots of fun for children and families,  as well as for schools and libraries.

Please note: these are free to download, print out, and share amongst families, schools, library networks, and communities, but cannot be reproduced or extracted without written permission and formal acknowledgement of authorship. They also cannot be sold or used commercially in any way without written permission–get in touch with us via the Contact page on this site.

Following on from our very popular Fox and Chooks Creative Activity Pack(see below), we now present the Cat and Mouse Creative Activity Pack!

Like the earlier Pack, it’s jam-packed (!) full of fabulous writing, art, and craft activities, as well as reading, research and discussion exercises, all themed around, well, cats and mice! Find out some fun facts, spot some great cats and mice in art, create your own clay models, enjoy fabulous story starters, and more!

You can download the Cat and Mouse Creative Activity Pack right here: Cat and Mouse Creative Activity pack by Sophie Masson and Kathy Creamer


Below you can find the earlier Fox and Chooks pack.

The Fox and Chook Creative Activity Pack , themed around, you guessed it, foxes and chooks (for non-Australians, that means chickens!)

This pack includes lots of fun activities: from lots of creative writing exercises to colouring-in pages; from looking at and discussing classic paintings to discovering fabulous facts about foxes and chooks; from listening online to a fun fox and chook story(one of mine) to sculpting your own fox and chook out of modelling clay, from sharing real-life stories of foxes and chooks to learning how to draw them and to make your own shadow puppets–and more!

You can access the full activity pack as a downloadable PDF here:  Fox and chook creative activity pack by Sophie Masson and Kathy Creamer full final

Plus the colouring pages as a separate PDF to download and print out easily: Fox and Chook Colouring Pages by Kathy Creamer, to print out

Please note that this activity pack is copyright to Sophie Masson and Kathy Creamer. It is available free for families, schools and libraries to download and share amongst their individual networks, but must not be extracted or reproduced without written permission and acknowledgement and cannot be sold or used commercially by any entity or individual.

Kathy and I would like to thank the fantastic New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) in Armidale, for kindly researching paintings in their collections for the Foxes and Chooks in Art section of the pack, and for giving us permission to include images of them. We would also like to acknowledge Christmas Press and illustrator David Allan for images from Two Trickster Tales from Russia and photographer Nathan Anderson for the wonderful fox photo on title page (photo available free to download on Unsplash).

So have a look, check it all out–and hope you enjoy! And as we’d love to see your creative responses, do tag me if you decide to put them up on social media. You can tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And as mentioned above, you can also get in touch via the contact page on this site, or via the contact page at my blog, Feathers of the Firebird, where you can also access the activity pack. You can contact Kathy at her website here.


The first exercise I published on this site, which is called Fairytale Flurry, is, surprise surprise, based around a fairytale theme. It’s also a collaboration between me and Kathy Creamer, who has provided three great illustrations as story starters for you. This exercise is suitable for both children and adults, and is very flexible, so you can add characters, settings, formats, etc, as you like, and shuffle everything around.

So what you do is select two, three, or any number of characters from the list; one or two settings from the list; and one type of format for your story. Then you put them together and create your story–and use Kathy’s illustrations as fun prompts!

Here’s the downloadable PDF for Fairytale Flurry: Fairytale Flurry creative writing exercise by Sophie Masson and Kathy Creamer

Illustration ©Kathy Creamer

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