Writing workshops for children and adults

Children and young adults:

Over the years Sophie has given a range of excellent writing workshops for children and young adults across Australia, in primary and high schools as well as libraries. Following are some possibilities, but workshops can also be tailored to meet your needs as well as those of the curriculum.


Poetry Pair:  A fun and versatile twin workshop, based around the creation of simple performance poetry. Suitable for both primary and high school age students.

Poem Artworks: Create your own poetic artwork! Based around the beautiful poetry anthology, A Boat of Stars (in which Sophie has seven poems) this very popular workshop engages students in a discussion of poetry, then a creation of their own poem, and finally the transformation of the poem into an artwork with illustration and decoration. Suitable especially for primary age students, but also lower secondary.


Story seeds and story feathers: a unique and fun way to understand the story-creation process, and create your own stories! Suitable for both primary and high school.

See an outline of this workshop on You Tube:

Create your own picture book: Learn how to write a picture book text, and illustrate it yourself. Suitable for both primary and high school.

Writing mystery and crime stories: What makes a great crime/mystery story? Discussion and workshop on creating your own. Suitable for upper primary and secondary, including upper secondary.

Spooky! How to create a great ghost story. Suitable for both primary and secondary.

Fantasy worlds: create your own fantasy world, with maps, characters and the beginnings of a story. Especially suitable for middle-upper primary.

Writing great short stories: character, plot, setting. Especially suitable for secondary students, including Extension English students.

Workshops for adults:

Sophie’s writing workshops for adults range across many subjects, and have been given across the country to a wide range of participants in writers’ centres and libraries. Here are a few possibilities to choose from(workshops can also be tailored according to your needs).

Writing picture book texts

Writing for middle grade readers

Writing for young adults

Fantasy shorts(writing fantasy short stories)

How to create and maintain suspense

Story seeds/story feathers: a unique way of getting inspired!

Writing historical fiction

Character is plot: how to create fantastic characters who will drive your plot

Writing picture book texts

Writing poetry for kids

Using dreams to craft great fiction

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