Presentations for teachers and librarians

Sophie has presented many talks and workshops specifically designed for teachers and librarians, below is a list of some possibilities. All are suitable, with tweaks, for both primary and high school teachers and librarians.

Writing Poetry with Children: two fun ways to encourage a love of poetry, and poetry writing, for children. These include a workshop focussing on ways of helping children create simple and versatile performance poetry, and one on ‘Poem Artworks’ (see workshops for children), creating your own art around your own original poem. Tips and advice on the enjoyment and writing of poetry too. Has been presented to speech and drama teachers, as well as English teachers, primary school teachers, and librarians.


Young adult fiction: how does it work? How can you get readers engaged?

The journey of a book: from idea to bookshop

Picture books: what makes them different from other forms of literature?

Comics and graphic novels: an overview and appreciation, through a look at international graphic cultures: France, Japan, the US.

An author’s life: what’s it really like?

Story seeds/story feathers: A unique way to encourage the writing of stories by students(see ‘workshops for children’)

Fantasy vs realism: is it really a battleground?

Afterlife fiction for young adults: what is it? What makes it special?



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