Fun free online creative exercises, for children and adults

On this page, over the next few weeks I’ll be offering some free creative writing exercises you can do at home. Lots of fun for children and adults having to spend more time at home! I’ll be putting up a new one fairly regularly, which will be featured on this page, but there’ll also be PDFs of each, so you can easily download. They are free to download, print out, and share amongst families, schools, networks, and communities. I just ask that if you do share anywhere or post on social media, please acknowledge my authorship(and those of other creators collaborating with me, if applicable). And as I’d love to see your creative responses to these exercises, do tag me if you decide to put them up on social media. You can tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

To launch the page, here’s the first exercise, which I’m calling Fairytale Flurry, and it is a really fun one based around a fairytale theme. I’ve collaborated on it with the fabulous illustrator Kathy Creamer, who has provided three great illustrations as story starters for you. This exercise is suitable for both children and adults, and is very flexible, so you can add characters, settings, formats, etc, as you like, and shuffle everything around.

So what you do is select two, three, or any number of characters from the list; one or two settings from the list; and one type of format for your story. Then you put them together and create your story!

Below are the basic Fairytale Flurry lists for you to choose from: and remember you can add your own, if you like. And below the lists you’ll find three fabulous illustrations by Kathy Creamer, to get you started.

You can also download Fairytale Flurry as a PDF: Fairytale Flurry creative writing exercise by Sophie Masson and Kathy Creamer

Fairytale Flurry, a creative writing exercise by Sophie Masson

Basic characters:

An orphan girl

A witch

A talking animal

A hunter

A king

A dragon

A troll

A dwarf

A jealous brother or sister

Basic settings:

A castle

A forest

A dungeon

A cave

A country cottage

A magical garden

Basic formats:

A police report

A newspaper article

A job application

A letter or email

A page from a recipe book

A song

A short film script


Three illustration story starters by Kathy Creamer

Illustration ©Kathy Creamer

Illustration ©Kathy Creamer

Illustration ©Kathy Creamer